Daily Prompt: Chaotic

Hello there! This is my second post on this blog (woo commitment!) and I have decided to contribute to the Daily Prompt which today is “Chaotic”.

For me, this word has several levels of meaning. I’m in a point of my life right now where I have to focus on studies and exams and chaotic is often the word that I would use to describe my life as I try desperately to organise my life and the several subjects that I take. Damn I sound like literally every teenager ever but it’s true – at this age it’s often hard to stop yourself from drowning in the heaps of coursework and to sort your life out so it doesn’t look like absolute carnage. And if anyone says that they haven’t felt this way at one point or other in their life… They. Are. Lying. Chaos doesn’t discriminate.

Unfortunately, that leads me on to the next side of chaos that I want to write about: politics. Someone had to mention it. I am generally quite a passionate person; I always have something to say about controversial topics and politics always fuels my short fused attitude. Quite frankly, I’m so done with politics. First Brexit, now Trump! If 2016 politics aren’t chaos, then, quite honestly, I don’t know what is! I’m not going to start ranting because I could write FOR HOURS and I’m supposed to be writing a German text right now… guess that won’t happen because priorities.

So there you have it – my response to the Daily Prompt. It kind of turned into a stream of consciousness post but I hope that you enjoyed it. I feel so stupid writing this since I doubt anyone will read this but please leave a comment giving me tips on how to improve my blog posting. I’m a beginner (as you can see from my empty af blog) and any feedback is greatly appreciated. Cheers xx

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8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Chaotic

  1. First of all, the tone of your writing (don’t even know if one can say that but this is how I’d describe it 😊) is very refreshing and natural. You don’t force yourself, you just write how it comes to your mind and I think that’s great!
    Second of all, don’t let chaos spoil your mood, you already know my thoughts on it and how it can help you get back on track again 😊
    This was a good read, continue writing and expressing yourself ☺️

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  2. Hahaha, it’s true that chaos doesn’t discriminate. And with all this chaos in life as well as in politics now (well, when was politics straight and simple?) , it is almost as if chaos is another way of life. A great read!

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