Thought Vomit

Hey there, welcome back to the salad bowl (I can’t tell if that’s cute and clever or just cringy… yep it’s just cringy)
I feel like rambling at the moment so that’s what this post is going to be… I’m sorry in advance if this ends up being utterly tedious.

It’s finally Advent I’m SO EXCITEDDDD!! Christmas is for sure my favourite holiday by a long way. Today in school my friends and I all wore Santa hats. I wore this headband that has an elf hat and elf ears so when I wear it, it looks like I’m an elf. My masses of curly hair conceal the band aroung the ears so it looks pretty realistic. Or as realistic as fake elf ears can get…

I also realised that I haven’t written a post for six days – that just goes to show how commited I am. Legit though I haven’t been able to catch a breath this week because of coursework and the likes but it’s refreshing to be sat in front of my blog again with DOUBLE the amount of followers I had last time I posted – thank you so much.

There’s a squirrel outside my window. Damn it’s tail is poofy. I wonder if squirrels are aware of how unproportionally poofy their tails are compared to the rest of their body… I feel like squirrels would look weird without their poofy tails though…

Hey I don’t know if you guys have noticed but in the sidebar I’ve put a Word of the Week feature to celebrate the wonderful plethora of vocabulary that finds itself in our dictionaries and encourage everyone to become more eloquent in their day to day lives. Because life is more entertaining when it sounds grandiloquent. Hey! What a smoooth segue – this week’s word was eloquent, my absolute favourite word (apart from maybe grandiloquent)! So anyway I’m planning on updating the Word of the Week soon so leave a comment telling me what your favourite word is… I’m such an English geek – my English teacher would be chuffed.

Ok this post is way to long – I apologise for the incessant thought vomit. Be sure to let me know if you enjoyed this post – it’s definitely nothing majorly beautiful or thought provoking so by all means tell me if you’d like this to be a series or if you’d prefer different kinds of posts…

Thank you so much for reading, liking, commenting, following etc xx


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