“Rhythm floods my heart”

I’m back! I apologise for my lack of commitment over the last two weeks or so… I don’t even know where the time went…

I love music, like most people. My music taste widely varies all the way from old school jazz to new indie music and a couple of chart-topping singles. I thought that in this post I’d share just a fraction of my music taste in the hope that you will discover a new (or old) artist that you love…


  1. Kanye West
    This man. What a nutter. But I have to be honest – his music is so good! He’s a bit of a guilty pleasure I guess, and it’s not only his latest album I’m in to… I can rap ‘Monster’ from start to finish and ‘POWER’ is my go-to hype up song when I’m nervous. Kanye’s an absolute mug but his music is 👌

  2. Amy Winehouse
    Probably my absolute favourite of all time. I have loved this woman and her music since I was too young to even understand what she was singing about.  At the top of my list are: ‘In My Bed’, ‘You Know I’m No Good’, and ‘Stronger Than Me’. The title of this post is a line from ‘Half Time’ which is also a lovely chill tune. What an incredible lost talent. If you’ve never listened to her before – educate yourself.
  3. Glass Animals
    I discovered this indie band by chance and I’m in love – definitely check them out. My favourite songs by them are: ‘Pork Soda’, ‘Youth’, and ‘Gooey’. I adore their aesthetic and the unique vibes of their music.
  4. Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong – Ella and Louis
    This. Is. Gold. I mean Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong were legends seperately but together – I have no words. I’m a sucker for jazz and anyone like me will agree that this album is some of the most beautiful music out there.
  5. Beyoncé
    Now on to something a bit more basic 😂. I love Beyoncé not gonna lie. ’nuff said.
  6. Yellow Days
    I’d be interested to see if anyone has heard of Yellow Days because I think he’s a fairly new artist and no one who I know knows him. I discovered him recently on the ‘new releases’ or whatever thing on Spotify and I love the ambience of his music and the richness of his voice. ‘Your Hand Holding Mine’ is for sure my favourite off Harmless Melodies. He’s definitely worth a listen.

This list is only the smallest fraction of my favourite music so please let me know if you’d be interested in a continuation… Also comment some of your favourite music because I love expanding my list!

By the way I changed the Word of the Week (finally) to ‘overwhelm’. Thanks Bilingualvegetable for the suggestion. Finally, cheers to all the people who read, like, comment, and follow my blog. It’s much appreciated xx




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