Blog Post #6

Not gonna lie I can’t be bothered to get up and take a pretty picture of something cute so there isn’t going to be a featured image or whatever. I’ll probably do it later because it will annoy me that the aesthetic of my blog is off.

Hola. How was your Christmas and everything? Mine was good cheers had some quality time with my family, decided I was going to learn Spanish, gave up after I said “Vamos a jugar Monopoly!” (I’m aware that that’s probably wrong) and created a dividing schism in my family. But really I had a lovely, homely Christmas.

Here are some thoughts that I have created inside my brain and would like to share with you. I like Outnumbered. It’s (or rather it was) a very good show. I watched the Christmas special and it was really sweet and quintessentially Outnumbery. Ramona Marquez is so pretty wtf it’s unfair.

I used to have a monster crush on Peter from Narnia. Does anyone remember him, he was beautiful (this was years ago btw but he’s still good looking;)). And he was a king. Now I like one of my best friends and some days I think he likes me back like when he invited me over for the first time on my own and other times I don’t think he does like when he totally shuts down silly jokes people make that we should date by emphasizing that we are just friends. And a lot of the time I think I’m being stupid by even thinking I have a chance. I literally just read that back and I sound so sad and angsty – I’m not. I’m very upbeat in person and I don’t swallow feelings and let them drown me or whatever but the thing is right I’ve never had a boyfriend which is quite unusual for a girl of my age and I think that’s what makes me insecure and all this is because I feel like people like me as a friend which is good because I have many friends but people don’t want me as a girlfriend which makes me all stupid and yearny because I say to myself that I’m not pretty enough or whatever.  I’m actually ridiculous how have I gotten so deep 😂

I’m glad that I’ve written that though because I haven’t told anyone I fancy him because he’s so close in my friendship group and he’s in like all my classes and I’m terrified of ruining a perfectly good friendship. How funny would it be if he reads blogs and then he stumbles upon mine and he has no idea it’s about him. But he doesn’t read blogs I’m pretty sure.

I painted my nails cranberry coloured. Sorry that should be I attempted poorly to paint my nails cranberry coloured. They’re chipped now but the colour is really cute and Christmassy.

I’m in the kitchen now right and my mum is in here baking a cake and she has no idea that I have this blog and that I’m writing in it rn. That’s pretty funny.

I feel like this post is super long and tedious because it’s literally a real time report of my thoughts. I didn’t even plan on posting today I just felt like it. Cheers for reading and liking and commenting and following and all this it really does mean a lot 🙂 Can you tell that I can’t be bothered there’s hardly any punctuation in this post and normally I’m rampant about commas and grammar and all this my friends hate me for it😂

My favourite number’s 6.




4 thoughts on “Blog Post #6

  1. Haha yes I am very interested to have a glimpse of how your brain works 🙂 yes that is a wise move, but it can also be very painful so prepare yourself! Hopefully it works out OK for you, you deserve someone who will happily love you back ❤

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  2. I’m so glad you enjoy this type of post because I think it’s the one that I enjoy writing the most… Thank you for your advise as well – I think I don’t want to risk our friendship unless I know for sure that he is also interested… Thank you for reading ❤

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  3. Haha I love your random thoughts! Btw don’t worry about not getting a boyfriend, it’s perfectly normal if you still haven’t had one – I haven’t either, don’t worry! It’s really difficult liking someone who you’re really good friends with, I’ve been through that, but the best thing is probably to find a good opportunity to talk to him about it. If you can’t, or think it’ll ruin your friendship, then decide which is more important to you – your friendship with him or the opportunity to date him. Choose the one you’ll regret less haha! Last piece of advice – be chill 🙂

    Also my blog is secret from my mum too, so you’re not alone 😉

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